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We Have Fought Tooth and Nail For Our Clients

The team at Camadeco Law Group is fueled by our passion for protecting the rights of our clients. We strongly encourage you to see what we have been able to accomplish for some of our past clients by perusing the testimonials below.

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I just wanted to tell him [Michael] thank you for everything. This DUI thing really changed and turned my life around. Thank you.

Willie J.

Outstanding, I got into arrested with a DUI arrest in February 2020. I’m glad I was able to find Michael A. Camadeco. Michael was extremely professional and is dedicated to his craft. He was the only lawyer I met with after my arrest and he was so gracious in the initial meeting and answered all my questions, putting my worries at ease. He explained from the very beginning the pros and cons of my case, there were no guarantees provided by him. He communicated to me, how he would attack that my case and he would work very hard to provide the very best representation as he could for a favorable result. This man works hard for his clients, his reputation, has great communication skills and his work ethic shows how much he cares about those things. Even during the pandemic, Michael was available to work on my case and communicate to me about my case. In the end, I got a favorable result with Michael representing me, and I would absolutely recommend him to any family or friends who may find themselves in this situation in the future. I appreciated everything Michael did on my case and was so impressed interpersonal communicate skills, if you decide to hire him, you will feel very comfortable with the decision

Thaddeus Woods

From beginning to end, Michael and Tammy took care of every concern, every detail, and provided the best possible outcome in my case. Tammy’s skill in courtroom negotiations saved me in more ways than one. I would quickly recommend them to family and friends – they will fight for you. I am forever grateful to these two – thank you so much!

David W

I cannot say enough about Mr. Camadeco

If I could give 10 stars, I would. Unfortunately, I have had to use his services twice now for a family member, and he not only honored my veteran status to fees for him, but he also went above and beyond at the discounted rate!

Mr. Camadeco is now officially family in my book, we were treated with RESPECT, INTEGRITY, AND SERVICE BEFORE SELF
His morals, ethics, standards, and heart are all in the right places…. and BOTH times we needed his help…. we got the results and are pleased with how everything worked out

Will definitely recommend him to ANYONE needing a REAL attorney who will be open, honest, direct and treat you with respect

Chris CardGoogle, 5 star

This law firm is amazing. I had both Michael and Tammy help me with my case and they are both extremely caring and helpful and they went so far out of their way to ensure I had a good outcome for my case and I will forever be grateful for their assistance. I highly recommend using this law firm for any legal issues you may have. You will not be disappointed.

Mandii MunsonGoogle, 5 star

Michael is friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. He got my case taken care of. Highly recommend!!

Dalton RybkaGoogle, 5 Star

Great experience. Michael is very knowledgable and was one step ahead of everything we encountered.

Frank FerrandizGoogle, 5 Star

I am 100% grateful for Michael and his firm. He handled my case but I am so grateful for his kindness, patience, and compassion., 5 Star

Micheal helped me out tremendously in a time of need. He went above and beyond his obligation as a lawyer. I was well pleased with his results.

AlanAvvo, 5 Star

Michael Camadeco had been by far the most trustworthy, diligent, and compassionate lawyers I have ever experienced. A trait I find key to a great lawyer is communication, Mr. Camadeco will call you first updating you on your case and will not miss a single beat to reply to your email or call back for any of your questions. He is highly knowledgeable and sharp giving me foresight on exactly what to and what not to expect. I personally felt at ease and comfort as Mr. Camadeco and his team work diligently till the case was closed.

MosesAvvo, 5 Star

Found myself in an unfortunate situation at 62 years old. I had never been in trouble before and was terrified. Michael contacted me and I am forever grateful. He is knowledgeable but most important to me, he is kind.

AnonymousAvvo, 5 Star

Mr. Camadeco got my charges dropped. He was always available when I needed him. He really cared about me and my arrest.

AnonymousAvvo, 5 star

Fights for you! Camadeco law was first of all willing to work with me with payment plans. They listen and fight for you to give you the best results possible. Such professionalism within this firm, very knowledgable, and caring. Even after my case, they’re still there for me with any questions I may have. Thanks, Michael and tammy for all your help!

Ricky L.Justia, 5 star

A lawyer that cares! From the initial (free) consultation to the final verdict, Michael and his team was truly a pleasure to work with. Whenever I had questions regarding to my case, Michael was quick to respond in both a courteous and reassuring way. There were times where I would text him even outside his office hours and he’d respond. When he was unavailable, he had his partner Tammy, who was a prosecutor in Miami for around 20 years, contact me to help. Both Michael and Tammy were joys to work with, and even though my case was 6 months long, they were kind, professional, and quick to respond. Best of all, the prosecution decided to drop the case after Michael and Tammy’s diligent work. Absolutely worth your money if you get into legal trouble!

J. B.Justia, 5 star