It’s always better to heed on the side of caution than to risk a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and even more importantly, risking the lives of yourself and others. However, sometimes people try to convince themselves that they are safe to drive. And sometimes, they successfully convince themselves to take the wheel.

How did they reach the decision to drive after enjoying a few alcoholic beverages? Some will use ridiculous self-assessment methods to mimic field sobriety tests and exercises. Others will turn to online tools which calculate BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). And others may use personal hand held breath testing devices similar to the breathalyzers used by Florida Law Enforcement personnel.

Most BAC calculators would be drives can find online ask several standard questions; height, weight, sex, age and how many drinks you have consumed within a given time frame. These calculators are often advertised for entertainment purposed only. One reason for this is because the calculators are more often than not inaccurate. The inaccuracy lies in many variables such inexact measurements of height and weight, the amount of alcohol actually consumed and the length of time between each drink.

With the rise of personal breath test devices, the availability of this technology has become more common place. The personal breath test devices range from hand held to smartphone applications that can be downloaded to your smart phone. These personal breath test devices tend to be more reliable in correctly determining BAC when compared to the online calculators mentioned above. The downfall of these devices comes with administration. One often forgets that BAC usually peaks at about 45 minutes after the last drink ingested. To put this in perspective, this 45 minuet delay can result in a reading of legal vs. illegal less than a hour later.

The safest bet to place when you’ve been drinking is calling for an Uber or Taxi, or relaying of a sober friend to get you home safely. if you have been charged with any crime, including marijuana crimes, please call our office for immediate assistance. And always remember; DON’T TALK, DON’T WALK, DON’T BLOW.