19 Most Commonly Asked DUI Questions

It is completely normal to have a lot of questions after being arrested for a DUI. In the case you do get pulled over for such, the following knowledge is great to have. 1. What do cops often look for from drunk drivers on the road? A large percentage of DUI arrest happen at night and on the weekends. This list shows signs drunk driving from most common to least common based on research from the National Read More

Should I Drive In Fort Myers?

It’s always better to heed on the side of caution than to risk a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and even more importantly, risking the lives of yourself and others. However, sometimes people try to convince themselves that they are safe to drive. And sometimes, they successfully convince themselves to take the wheel. How did they reach the decision to drive after enjoying a few alcoholic beverages? Some will Read More

Fort Myers Medical Marijuana Consumption

In 2016 medical marijuana was approved by Florida voters via a state constitutional amendment. However, this does not allow you to smoke just because you believe you have a medical condition. There are extensive regulations which much be followed. These regulations were put into place by the Florida Legislature. One of these rules expressly states that smoking is not considered “medical use”. This means medical must Read More

Juvenile Crime In Fort Myers

In the state of Florida, any person under the age of eighteen is considered a juvenile. When a person of this age group is accused or arrested for an offense, they are processed through the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). As such, all records (including court files and case information) is automatically considered confidential under Florida statute, with a single exception; felony charges. In that instance, Read More

Fort Myers Violent Crimes Overview

What is a “Violent Crime”? Violent crime is a general term which many different crimes fall under. Often defined a crime(s) that use or even threaten violence upon a victim. These crimes include assault, battery, carjacking, false imprisonment, kidnapping, and robbery to name a few. Below, we will take a brief look at some of these. Assault Assault (many times confused with Battery) is often defined as an Read More