Our Team Fights For You

Michael A. Camadeco, Esq., Founder

I am a believer in the Constitution and your rights. This isn’t a line – it is the truth. Knowing that I am the only thing that can shield my client’s rights when they have been accused is my drive. I pride myself on defending the accused and being the voice for the voiceless.

Here are some things to know about me:

  • Graduate of Delaware Law School; Won several national trial competitions
  • Graduate of MSU of Denver (Degrees in Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Political Science); Summa Cum Laude; Captain of the men’s lacrosse team
  • Formerly with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, which gives me a unique understanding of the juvenile delinquency system that few others, if any, in the state have
  • Formerly with the Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Clinic
  • Formerly with the Bucks County Public Defender’s Office
  • Awarded Top 40 Under 40 Criminal Defense Attorney by American Institute of Trial Lawyers

Tammy Forrest, Esq., Senior Trial Counsel

I have devoted my entire 31-year career to criminal law. As the former Division Chief of Sexual Crimes for the State Attorney’s Office in both Miami and Lee Counties, I understand the repercussions that an allegation can bring. Even worse, being charged with a sex crime can have devastating lifelong consequences.

I spent almost 25 years as ASA, prosecuting this exact type of crime. I have tried and reached a verdict in front of a jury over 170 times for the most serious crimes.

Other things to know about me:

  • Founded Lee County Rape Task Force
  • Founded Phoenix Center for Sexual Battery Victims
  • Instructed hundreds of law enforcement officers on investigation techniques for sexual battery
  • Graduate of Miami School of Law
  • Focused career in sexual crime

Ryan P. Dugan, Esq., Associate

For nearly 20 years, I have navigated the legal system and fought for my clients. I understand that a successful lawyer is not just an aggressive one in the courtroom but also a compassionate one outside of it. Anyone can be aggressive; it takes experience and dedication to understand when to be aggressive.

Things to know about me:

  • Lee County native
  • Practiced law for 18 years
  • Former prosecutor
  • Graduate of Florida State University College of Law