Getting Your Case Dismissed is Our Top Priority.

When facing criminal charges, you need aggressive representation that fights for you. Dealing with an arrest is frightening, dealing with an arrest on your own is dangerous. If you are prosecuted you run the risk of losing your freedom, reputation and hard earned money. A criminal conviction may lead to a permanent criminal record and can have many other life-altering consequences. At Camadeco Law Group, you will find skilled lawyers who are dedicated to the aggressively defending your rights.

Former SWFL Prosecutor Fighting for You

At CFLG you will find former prosecutor, and current Partner Tammy Forrest with almost 30 years’ experience along with experienced criminal defense attorneys who bring an innovative and unique methodology to each of our cases. We have successfully handled thousands of criminal cases and now bring that experience to CFLG. We draw on our wide experience and background in criminal law while exhausting every viable defense for you. Working in both state and federal courts, we have the resources and experience to handle any legal problem with unmatched service and personal attention.

Criminal Defense is Our Passion

We are devoted exclusively to criminal defense and only criminal defense throughout South West Florida including Lee, Collier, Hendry and Charlotte counties. Our attorneys are trained in the time-tested art of courtroom advocacy, the latest technology, forensic techniques, and investigative strategies. Our staff has even taught some of these techniques at police academies. 

CFLG maintains a tireless, around the clock presence for our clients. This allows us to always be prepared to immediately respond to any developments in your case. It is our view that if law enforcement works around the clock, we should also be working around the clock. Once we are on the case, we take all the proper steps to ensure the best response to your charges.  

Post Charge

For our clients, a criminal charge in Florida is a catastrophic disruption to their lives. Prior to hiring CFLG, many of our clients are unable to sleep or concentrate at work. However, it’s OUR JOB to worry about your case. After meeting with us during the initial consultation, most clients report finding peace of mind over not needing to worry any longer. Criminal defense is not about police, the law, prosecutors or case outcomes; it is about defending your freedoms. It is about getting you back to normalcy. It is about you.

During our first meeting with our clients, we are able to provide an honest view of their situation and offeror defenses that are not apparent to most. This is because a winning defense is many times buried in the facts of the case. Although every case is distinctive, the path to success starts with your consultation.

Tammy Forrest

Experienced and Proven

Attorney Tammy Forrest is a highly experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney with almost thirty years of experience in criminal law. As a former prosecutor, Ms. Forrest has established a tremendously successful track record in trial practice in SWFL.

Former Prosecutor Fighting for You

Prior to entering private practice, Attorney Forrest was an Assistant State Attorney in Lee County and then a State Attorney Division Chief for the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office. Ms. Forrest prosecuted all levels of crimes including homicides. Ultimately she was appointed to Chief of the Sexual Battery and Child Abuse Unit. Attorney Forrest has tried over 160 cases to verdict.  Attorney Forrest now brings her years of experience, skill and methods to the CFLG.

Ms. Forrest handles state and federal criminal cases, and is experienced in handling all types of felony and misdemeanor charges.

Tammy Forrest
Michael A. Camadeco

Michael A. Camadeco

Aggressive Representation for You

Attorney Michael A. Camadeco is an aggressive and skilled criminal defense attorney. Attorney Camadeco has devoted his entire formal education and professional experience to criminal defense work. Mr. Camadeco has worked both in the public and private sector.

During Attorney Camadeco’s time in the public sector, he worked with several public entities including criminal defense clinics, public defenders offices’ and the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Being a part of DJJ, Attorney Camadeco holds a unique set of training and skills that few—if any—hold. These skills combined with proven criminal defense experience allows Attorney Camadeco to handle juvenile cases in a unique manner.

After working in the public, Attorney Camadeco made his transition into private practice. Traveling across Southwest Florida helping people fight against criminal charges that could change their lives forever, Attorney Camadeco has made it a point to develop strong relationships with the local prosecutors and court staff. With a deep understanding of each court’s unique policies and procedures, he is able to aggressively defend your rights.